Some Other SPM Useful Definitions

Some Other SPM Useful Definitions

Besides the terms software, project, management, software project management, software engineering, program, and project management, there are some others that will be used frequently throughout the text. Next, we will briefly study the terms process, task, activity, phase, and system.

What Is a Process?

PMI describes project management as being composed of proven principles, methods, and techniques. Most often, the methods and techniques are composed of work processes supported by tools.

Merriam-Webster's definition of process is in the following figure "Process Definition".
Process Definition

In Quality Process Management, Gabriel Pall describes the term as: a bounded set of interrelated activities that takes one or more kinds of inputs and creates outputs that are of value to the customer by means of one or more transformations. And IEEE simply states that a process is a sequence of steps performed for a given purpose.

The following figure "Process Input, Transformation, and Output" illustrates the input, transformation, and output relationships that define a process.
Process Input, Transformation, and Output
We will use this definition: A process is a series of actions that transform a set of inputs into a result.

For software project management, we describe two types of processes - project and product - as shown in the following figure "Project and Product Processes".

Project and Product Processes


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