A Brief Description of Product Management Skills

A Brief Description of Product Management Skills

Product competencies are briefly explained in the following sections.

Product Competency 1:

Assessing Processes - Defining Criteria for Reviews

Review explains the activity of evaluating or assessing work products. Reviews should take place commonly and at certain milestones in the life of a project, surely at the end of a phase. Once we decide the proper life cycle, we will know its phases and can then decide where end-of-phase product reviews should take place. Reviews can and should occur in process as well. In "Software Quality Assurance", we will describe the review event: what should be reviewed, when the reviews should take place who should attend, and how the review should be conducted. Also contained are the quality control features that reviews must address, such as the cost of quality and defect counts. The triangles in our IEEE 1074-inspired waterfall model (in the following figure) show that it is essential for a development team to pass a review of the just-completed phase before going on to the next. In addition to end-of-phase product reviews, internal and external deliverables from within each phase are also candidates for review. Reviews of early estimates of effort and cost will improve the overall, committed project cost/schedule estimates as explained in "Estimating Duration and Cost".
Phase Reviews in the Iterative Waterfall Software Life Cycle
As detailed in "Project Tracking and Control", items to be reviewed also contain actual versus estimated cost, actual versus estimated schedule, percent of project completion, risk control, and many other project metric "barometers".

Lastly, the evaluation process structures the foundation for continually assessing how effective and proper our processes function in our development environment, as explained in "Continuous Process Improvement". Here, reviews will focus on the assessment and improvement of productivity, the improvement of cycle time, and other process-related artifacts.

Product Competency 2:

Awareness of Process Standards - Understanding Process Standards

Raising awareness of the standards that impact a project manager's success is the goal of Supporting Organizations. Professional organizations provide the PM with guidance on organizations, projects, analysis, design, coding, testing, and more. Organizations that support the software development process are responsible for many of these standards.


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