Managing Subcontractors - Planning, Managing, and Monitoring Performance

Managing Subcontractors - Planning, Managing, and Monitoring Performance

Product Competency 6:

Managing Subcontractors - Planning, Managing, and Monitoring Performance

Subcontractor management begins when the project manager decides that some or all of the project work will be outsourced. Obviously, this competency is critical to project success in times of increasingly scarce personnel resources. "Selecting a Project Team" is the starting place to develop the competence, through the study of project staffing. It provides some basic personality models for understanding people in the context of a high performance team and explains methods for recruiting and building such teams. These contain identifying and understanding personalities, knowing the characteristics of an effective software project team, selecting team members according to a process, and contracting for personnel resources.

"Assigning Resources" moves to the next step after choosing the project team. Resources comprise people, software, hardware, facilities, and anything else required to carry out the project plans. We'll discuss issues such as: using named resources versus generic labels; balancing cost ability and availability; determining resource leveling methods; making build versus buy decisions (building products in-house versus buying a commercial-off-the-shelf [COTS] product), and subcontracting versus in-house development.

Every software project manager must build some competency in the basic legal issues surrounding software development. "Legal Issues in Software" discusses the basics of business law relating to contracts, licenses, and intellectual property. This includes contracting issues such as the procurement cycle and identifying, managing, and protecting intellectual property - patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and trade dress.


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