Selecting Methods and Tools - Defining Selection Processes

Selecting Methods and Tools - Defining Selection Processes

Product Competency 8:

Selecting Methods and Tools - Defining Selection Processes

Project managers application of sound software development methods, techniques and tools, coupled with project management practices, decides organizational success or failure.

We use these three concepts throughout the blog. For consistency, these are the definitions used for each leg of the triangle in the following figure: A method is a manner, means, or process for completing something. A tool is an implement or machine used to do work or perform a task. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge in industry or business.
Methods, Tools, and Technology Relationships
In "Use of Tools" we talk about the use of certain common tools available for planning and controlling software development projects. This will focus on the important features of the tools a SWPM uses, not specific software products, and is intended as a guide for selection. Specific applications are discussed in other chapters. We will look at: computer aided software engineering (CASE) tools in both object-oriented (OO) environments and structured environments; software size and estimating tools such as COCOMO and SLIM; and project planning, tracking, and control tools for planning, scheduling, effort reporting, and resource leveling. Many of these tools are Internet- and Web-enabled.

Required from the beginning of a project, a configuration management (CM) system must be available for the duration. Every single project deliverable, beginning with Concept Exploration and Requirements Elicitation documentation, must be kept under configuration control. "Software Configuration Management" covers the issues and fundamentals for a sound software project CM system: principles, fundamental requirements, planning and organizing, tools, and internal and external artifacts. Project management competencies also span the problem domain (type of application) and branch out to the entire system (including hardware) to be developed.


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