Estimating Effort - Estimating Effort Required to Complete a Project

Estimating Effort - Estimating Effort Required to Complete a Project

Project Competency 15:

Estimating Effort - Estimating Effort Required to Complete a Project

Fundamental to cost estimating is approximating the effort required to build the software product. Certainly, effort estimation depends on size estimation, which in turn depends on a thorough understanding of the product needs, "Estimating Cost - Estimating Cost Required to Complete a Project" figure, is an example of one of the many graphical tools than can aid a PM in forecasting and tracking effort.

In "Eliciting Requirements" and in "Developing the Software Requirements Specification" we will learn how to get the requirements right. From there, we can use "Software Size and Reuse Estimating" and "Estimating Duration and Cost" to complete the estimation picture.

Project Competency 16:

Managing Risks - Determining Impact and Handling of Risks

It has been said that the best project managers are good risk managers. Handling risks is a key skill for any manager, but it is very important for software project managers because so much can (and often does) go wrong - software projects are thought of as more complicated because the product is intangible, and therefore not easy to test or assess.

In "Determining Project Risks" we look at some models for risk management, identification, and control, offering guidance on which one fits best in certain situations. In "Software Metrics" we see how software project metrics can be used to monitor project risks.


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