Monitoring Development - Monitoring the Production of Software

Monitoring Development - Monitoring the Production of Software

Project Competency 17:

Monitoring Development - Monitoring the Production of Software

Once the team starts the production of software, the project manager must monitor the production process in various ways. These include software production and quality metrics, effort and cost data, value achievement, and process improvement.

The project management skill here is in knowing what to monitor when, where to measure and how much effort to expend. It is important to keep up with both code dependencies and personnel dependencies. Few activities are more unproductive than having to wait for needed resources. "Software Metrics" and "Analysis and Design Methods" discuss many of these items in detail. "Project Tracking and Control" relates them to the goals of the project.

Project Competency 18:

Scheduling - Creating a Schedule and Key Milestones

The schedule is derived from the WBS and contains step duration, significant milestones, any work products to be created, and who is responsible for them. Generally represented as a Gantt chart, but equally useful as a table, the schedule adds flesh to the WBS backbone, bringing the project to life.

Good scheduling needs technique and is an art form similar to the creation of a WBS. It starts with knowing the scope of the project, covered in "Defining the Goal and Scope of the Software Project" and is refined in "Considering Dependencies". In "Scheduling the Work" we teach the ability to schedule a software project in the "real world".


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