Selecting Metrics - Choosing Appropriate Metrics

Selecting Metrics - Choosing Appropriate Metrics

Project Competency 19:

Selecting Metrics - Choosing Appropriate Metrics

Metrics are the yardstick for a software development project. They serve as an early warning system, a way to keep your finger on the pulse. If a project is changing direction off course, a metrics "detection system" will allow it to be brought back in line before it becomes unmanageable. When we suspect that we need process improvements, metrics can be used to turn an opinion into justification for effort, supported by data. The following figure is an instance of defect tracking - one of many metrics tools.

Software Metrics

In "Software Metrics" we cover the concepts behind the most frequently used software metrics and how to select a suitable one for a given project. In "Use of Tools" we show how to use certain tools to monitor the selected metrics. These skills are then demonstrated in the case study.

Project Competency 20

Selecting Project Management Tools - Knowing How to Select PM Tools

Every project manager must understand the criteria for selecting and using proper software project management tools. The use of tools will not guarantee quality software, on-time software, or within-budget software, but they do serve as aides. There is no silver bullet that will replace the activities of taking time to decide upon the proper tools, plan for them, and train their users.

Basic tools range from simple personal information managers (PIMs) to centralized enterprise-wide resource management, tracking, and scheduling tools. Others include configuration management tools from simple source version control systems, to full product data management systems (PDMs) and integrated CASE tools. Selection criteria and a categorization for the tools are presented in "Use of Tools".


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