Tracking Process - Monitoring Compliance of the Project Team

Tracking Process - Monitoring Compliance of the Project Team

Project Competency 21:

Tracking Process - Monitoring Compliance of the Project Team

Part of the software quality assurance function, this skill includes tracking project execution against defined processes, recognizing deviations, and knowing what to do about them.

In "A Case in Point" little or no process tracking is performed, since there is little or no defined process, and the project spins out of control. "Managing Domain Processes" and "Software Metrics" talk about how to describe and manage project domain processes using metrics, while "Project Tracking and Control", "Software Quality Assurance" and "Continuous Process Improvements" show the skills required to monitor compliance of the project team to defined processes.

Project Competency 22:

Tracking Project Progress - Monitoring Progress Using Metrics

Many projects burn energy but don't get anywhere. A key project management skill is being able to track real progress, not just effort. This skill relates to metric selection and development monitoring, and contains earned value analysis and project buffer management.

The following figures show but two of the many software tracking tools that graph progress metrics. As shown in "What Is a Phase" figure, tracking progress is an essential task that spans the life cycle (note "Implement Problem Reporting Methods," under "Project Management and Control").

Tracking Software Progress

The sections on controlling a software project ("Project Tracking and Control" & "Continuous Process Improvement"), introduce methods and tools for tracking progress. "Project Tracking and Control" is all about project tracking and control, and shows how to use these tools to assess the real progress being made by the project team. The case study uses few progress tracking techniques so they think they are 90 percent complete all the time.


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