A Brief Description of People Management Skills

A Brief Description of People Management Skills

People competencies 23 through 34 are briefly described in the following sections.

People Competency 23:

Appraising Performance - Evaluating Teams to Enhance Performance

How do you know if your team is performing well - as a team and not just as a group of individuals? In addition to constant project tracking to ensure the team is meeting milestones and delivering project artifacts, it is important to ask them how they think they are doing. When a team is in the "performing" stage, players should have settled into their suitable roles. At that point, each team member can appraise the other members. As the manager and collector of information, you will at once be able to see the high and low performers and spot the supportive, team-spirited, goal-oriented staff.

Appraisal will be discussed in the following sections;

"Reporting and Communicating"
"Software Quality Assurance"
"Software Configuration Management"
"Legal Issues in Software"

People Competency 24:

Handling Intellectual Property - Understanding the Impact of Critical Issues

Every software project manager must understand the basic legal issues surrounding software development. This section discusses the fundamentals of business law relating to contracts, licenses, and intellectual property. Intellectual property will be discussed in "Legal Issues in Software".

People Competency 25:

Effective Meetings - Planning and Running Excellent Meetings

Poor meeting management wastes more time than all other negative forces that take place on a project. It also contributes to ineffective project communications. For informal internal brainstorming sessions, formal project reviews, inspection logging meetings, or even one-on-one problem solving discussions, a few basic skills and items are required. This essential skill is extremely useful throughout the life of a project. If the kick-off meeting for a project is ineffective, an unfortunate tone is set for the remainder. Our case study demonstrates a well-run meeting, as well as a kick-off fiasco.

Effective meetings will be discussed in "Reporting and Communicating".


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