Negotiating Successfully - Resolving Conflicts and Negotiating Successfully

Negotiating Successfully - Resolving Conflicts and Negotiating Successfully

People Competency 29:

Negotiating Successfully - Resolving Conflicts and Negotiating Successfully

Negotiation is many times the key to making the rest of the skills and techniques effective. It is generally applicable and very essential to most interactions, formal or informal. Conflict is unavoidable when managing insufficient resources against increasing requirements and increasing time pressure; the project manager must become the peacemaker. We will visit some correct and some not-so-good negotiation examples later. Negotiation skills will be discussed in "Reporting and Communicating".

People Competency 30:

Planning Careers - Structuring Teams and Giving Career Guidance

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". Is it possible to teach your staff how to learn to love work? Perhaps, when team members have a matter of interest in planning their place in the organization, they can look forward to a "life after the project". Doubt about the next assignment, particularly near the closing phases of a project, is one of the most challenging aspects of people management. Project managers must be highly attuned to the fine art of individual staff member performance evaluation in order to decide what makes each person tick. Within reason and within organizational policy boundaries, every effort must be made to match individual skills and tendencies to project roles. Some organizational behaviorists believe that there is no such thing as a "personality problem" on a project team, but there are frequent examples of the wrong person in the wrong position. Whatever the origin, dissatisfaction with a career often presents itself in the form of anger or even project damage.


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