Presenting Effectively - Using Effective Written and Oral Skills

Presenting Effectively - Using Effective Written and Oral Skills

People Competency 31:

Presenting Effectively - Using Effective Written and Oral Skills

Project managers are required to make presentations on the "state of the project" on multiple levels. Making presentations is an essential task, closely aligned with communications management. It is the critically important people management skill of presenting information briefly and effectively, to be received and understood properly. The fundamental principles of graphic design, public speaking, business writing, and presenting numbers and statistics clearly are discussed. Both good and bad examples appear in the case example and in the case problem. For instance, misused statistics can show a false picture of project progress, but may be hidden behind a confusing project presentation to management. When presentations go well, particularly the all-important project status review meeting, then brief, communicative, and correct graphics and text are almost always in play. Presentation skills will be discussed in "Reporting and Communicating".

People Competency 32:

Recruiting - Recruiting and Interviewing Successful Team Members

Interviewing potential recruits, a workable process for selecting team members, comprises defining the skill set required for the task and may mean resume searching and phone screening. During the interview, the savvy PM will know how to effectively use open-ended questions and recognize trait versus experience data.

It has been said that the best way to find team members is through the "network". Often, this works - specializations in the software industry form subcommunities such as database, state government business analysts, language experts, Internet-savvy programmers, and many other "cultures" from which talent may be drawn. Word gets around, particularly within a geographic area and those with good reputations are invited repeatedly to participate on projects within and outside of their current places of business. But much of the time, project managers must rely on advertising or search firms to find talent. Occasionally, the applicant files are high on quantity and low on quality. When interviewing those who appear to be good candidates, there is much more than technical skills to think. An interviewer can use techniques such as active listening and behavioral interviewing to decide if the interviewee will fit in with other team members and maintain the group vision. Recruiting and interviewing will be discussed in "Selecting a Project Team".


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