Where We Are in the Product Development Life Cycle

Where We Are in the Product Development Life Cycle

We are at the very beginning of the life cycle. In reality, we are before the beginning. Process management begins with deciding on the life cycle to use for the project, as shown in the following figure.

Where Process Tailoring Occurs in the Product Development Life Cycle

Process Overview Relation to the 34 Competencies

This section relates to both product and people competencies. Managing the process of product development is an important skill for project managers. The first two competencies to be mastered by a project manager are assessing processes and awareness of process standards. The other product competencies that must be mastered in understanding process are number 8, selecting methods and tools, and number 9, tailoring processes. Each project is different. A project manager must be able to assess the current state of organizational processes and amend that to fit the project needs by changing product development methods or adding tools.

The project competency that must be mastered is number 21, tracking process. For an organization to become more mature in the processes used to build products, the organization must be measuring what and how it carries out product development. This tracking process to gather process metrics must be built into the overall development process from the beginning. Defining an organization's product development processes is a critical competency for project managers.

Process management fits within the following six competencies:

Product Development Techniques

1. Assessing processes - Defining criteria for reviews

2. Awareness of process standards - Understanding process standards

8. Selecting methods and tools - Defining selection processes

9. Tailoring processes - Modifying standard processes to suit a project

Project Management Skills

21. Tracking process - Monitoring compliance of the project team

People Management Skills

28. Managing change - Being an effective change agent


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