Learning Objectives for Process Overview

Learning Objectives for Process Overview

Upon completion of this section, the reader should be able to:

●  Define a process.

●  Describe why having a process is important in the production of software.

●  Explain reasons for tailoring software processes.

●  Describe why process improvement leads to product improvement.

SEI argues that processes can be developed and maintained in a way similar to the way products are developed and maintained. There must be:

●  Requirements that define what process is to be described.

●  An architecture and design that provide information on how the process will be defined.

●  Implementation of the process design in a project or organizational situation.

●  Validation of the process description via measurement.

●  Deployment of the process into widespread operation within the organization or project for which the process is intended.

Software process assets, entities maintained by the organization for use by projects in developing, tailoring, maintaining, and implementing their software processes normally contain:

●  The organization's standard software process (including the software process architecture and software process elements).

●  The descriptions of software life cycles approved for use (this will be discussed in "Selecting Software Development Life Cycles").

●  The guidelines and criteria for tailoring the organization's standard software process.

●  The organization's software process database.

●  The library of software process-related documentation.

A mature software process, with respect to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is effective in building organizational capability and is defined, documented, trained, practiced, supported, maintained, controlled, verified, validated, measured, and able to improve.


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