Where We Are in the Product Development Life Cycle

Where We Are in the Product Development Life Cycle

Managing domain processes is started during the concept exploration phase, as shown in figure (a). As the project concept is defined, the domain processes frame the concept in the target operating environment. Ultimate delivery of a quality product needs the project manager to understand the customer's domain in which the software will operate.

Managing Domain Processes Occurs During the Concept Exploration Phase

"Managing Domain Processes" Relation to the 34 Competencies

Managing domain processes includes various project management skills, including:

Product Development Techniques

4. Evaluating alternative processes - Evaluating various approaches

11. Understanding development activities - Learning the software development cycle

Project Management Skills

21. Tracking process - Monitoring compliance of the project team

People Management Skills

25. Holding effective meetings - Planning and running excellent meetings

Learning Objectives for "Managing Domain Processes"

Upon completion of this section, the reader should be able to:

●  Explain the domain processes that must be incorporated into the concept exploration phase of
    every project;

●  Explain how domain processes differ for the six classes of product domains;

●  Map product domain types to critical product components;

●  Define the organization's project portfolio and classify the projects with respect to their economic


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