Where We Are in the Product Development Life Cycle

Where We Are in the Product Development Life Cycle

Information in this section begins in the early stages of a project, during initiation. Though, project teams constantly modify, especially with large or lengthy projects. The selection and creation of a project team supports the entire life cycle and is therefore essential to every phase, but the first team formation takes place early in the project, as shown in Figure (a). This is the background essential to fully understand personalities of individuals and how personalities of teams, which are greater than the sum of the parts, are created.

Selection of Project Team Occurs at the Beginning of the Life Cycle

"Selecting a Project Team" Relation to the 34 Competencies

Selecting a project team fits within the following ten competencies:

Product Development Techniques

6. Managing subcontractors - Planning, managing, and monitoring performance

11. Understanding development activities - Learning the software development cycle

Project Management Skills

14. Estimating cost - Estimating cost to complete the project

15. Estimating effort - Estimating effort required to complete the project

16. Managing risks - Identifying and determining the impact and handling of risks

People Management Skills

26. Interaction and communication - Dealing with developers, upper management, and other teams

27. Leadership - Coaching project teams for optimal results

32. Recruiting - Recruiting and interviewing team members successfully

33. Selecting a team - Choosing highly competent teams

34. Teambuilding - Forming, guiding, and maintaining an effective team

Learning Objectives for "Selecting a Project Team"

Upon completion of this section, the reader should be able to:

●  Explain the importance of selecting team members with a mix of personality types, to comprise a software development project team;

●  Describe various personality typing models;

●  Discuss individual work styles and the impact that they can have on a project;

●  Describe the phases of team development;

●  Describe communication paths;

●  Discuss decentralized versus centralized project documentation and the effects on the project team communication;

●  Discuss leadership styles and how they affect the team.


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